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Title: Crow
Theme: Watson's Woes July Writing Prompts 2016
Prompt: Amnesty #01 Dogs and cats turning detective: whether it's an actual animal AU, a sleuth hound, a clever animal providing assistance in a case, or a visit with Basil of Baker Street, include an animal in this entry.
Rating: General Audiences
Universe: ACD
Characters: Watson
WordCount: 291
Summary: It should have only taken an hour to come back, but there is no sign of him.


He stumbles on sticks and stones in the darkness as he hurries along the street, worry gnawing at his heart. It took them too long to reach the house; the route from the village should only take about an hour with a carriage. It has been three.
Unable to wait any longer he left the house just as the sun was setting and has already covered half of the way without any sign of them. Of him.

All has been silent until he nears the curve atop a hillside and loud cawing starts to fill the air. It is not too dark to be able to see the crows circling over the street or sitting in the trees. With a dark foreboding he quickens his steps and as the curve becomes visible his heart stops for a moment.
The fence, that has still been standing this morning, is broken, crows scattered among the remains. Without a look to the ground to see the trails of a carriage going of the street he runs forward and looks down only for his breath to be stuck in his chest.

The carriage lies broken, the horse most definitely dead as it does not move and the crows are already sitting on the body picking at it. But what scares him the most and will haunt him for a long time is the form of his friend lying motionless on the ground, half covered by parts of the carriage.
It is impossible to tell if he is still alive.

With an anguished cry he stumbles down, scaring the crows to fly away like leaves in the wind and his friend's name is the only thing his mind can come up with in a shout.

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