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After reading in the Watson's Woes community that there are apparently concerns about Livejournal being closed down I decided to make a backup of my journal just in case.

As Dreamwidth appears to be quite similar to LJ and also supports an Import function I decided that I would copy my journal over there.
For the time being, I intend to use the DW journal only as a backup, so I will continue to post to LJ.

I do not wish to lose this journal - especially all the lovely comments people have left over the years.
We will see where the road will lead us with LJ - with luck nothing is going to happen, but just in case - all your dear comments will be save. :)

BTW, after a long year, I finally moved into my flat yesterday! :D
Maybe now I will find time to write again or at the very least to read stories again. ^.^
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Sherlock Holmes 2 was finally released yesterday. I pre-ordered the BlueRay at Amazaon, as there was a steel book edition of the first (only have the DVD of the first as I did not have a BlueRay player back then) and second one together and Amazon already sent it on Thursday and it should have been delivered yesterday.

I already "informed" my father that his big HD tv would belong to me in the evening about two weeks ago. XD

Sadly my package did not arrive yesterday. ;_;
And I was soooo happy the whole week and just waiting for Friday evening to finally watch the movie (again, as I have seen it in cinema^^) and then it did not arrive.

That was so disapointing yesterday, had a crappy week and then that happened as well. ;(

I got the message ten minutes ago that it finally arrived, so I'll have to get it later. *sigh* Have to ask my father if I can use his tv this evening or if he wants to view anything...

Next thing I have to get is the BBC Sherlock Season 2, which will be released on 29th this month. Still unsure if I should watch the german version at all (do not like the german voices) or just watch the English ones (again) with subtitles...

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Generally I save all the stories I read on the internet, 'cause I never know if and when the stories may be deleted or otherwise disappear from the internet.

But I have to admit I am sometimes (read mostly) way too lazy to sort these stories. It might happen that I collect stories from different fandoms over months. And in the end I am not able to find anything anymore.

Until now...

here is a lot of text hidden, be warned ^^ )
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"Card Captor Sakura" the whole series just arrived! :)

I've never seen the whole anime before, because I do not think that it was ever completely aired in Germany or at least I never noticed it. And if there were any episodes they always aired at a time when I was unable to watch. :/

But now I can finally see the complete show! *hugs*

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I just got my dvds from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle today!!!!!!!! Hooorrrrrraaaaaaayyyy!

I really like the story (I generally love Clamp's manga) and now I can watch the whole anime.
All 52 episodes and all 5 OVAs! ^_^
(And then I have to continue reading the manga, 'cause the anime sadly does not show the whole story)

So if you'll excuse me, I got a date with my tv and dvd player. ^^

Btw, finally got the money from the insurance for the car accident. About 1.600 € and a new car (which I need to get, sadly, my old one is never going to be all good again) will quite probably cost me more than 3.000 €. It's so unfair! ;(

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After some online discussion and our discussion in school today about the midterm exam, it seems that I only made two mistakes.

Which means that I'll have 95 of 100 points and it would be an A. o_O

Would be great if that happens, it would be the perfect proof for all that it was no mistake for me to shorten my training and immediatly start in the second year. :)

Our teacher said that we should get the results in April (maybe), so I'll just have to wait and see now....
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Just had my midterm exam today for my training as an inudstrial manager.

Thankfully it went quite well. :)

Don't know when I'll get the results, but I've got a good feeling. I am pretty sure that it will be no worse than a C and I even think that I got a B, but I can't say if it'll be an A.
There should be some discussions online within the next few days, I will quite probably look through those to compare the answers - I am just too curious. ^^

I'm just happy that's over and this evening I'll go out and eat together with my parents!

Yummy, my favourite greek restaurant. *drool*
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Well, I just had my first accident.

Not only first accident at all in my whole life, but my personal first accident with my car, too (with only 7 months after getting my driving license....).

Nothing happened, no one was hurt, which is the most important thing.
I'm mostly shaky, got a horrible headache and my whole body hurts from the hits, but nothing serious.

But my car wasn't so lucky; the other driver (the culprit, btw, it was her fault) drove into my side and I was then pushed forward into the wheel of a truck which damaged the front left side of my car.
It's still usable, but we still have to get it to maintance as soon as possible.

Ohhhh and I am soooo shaky... I'll just crawl into my bed for the rest of the day...

And my poor little car. ;_;
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Happy New Year!

There is really not much to tell, as you may have noticed by the lack of my posts.

The last three months were pretty tedious and partly horrible (and I was terrible sick the last three weeks, blah) and I am just glad that they are over.

And now there is the new year and even though there is always hope that it will be different than the last, largely everything will stay the same...

As I wished to try last year I will try it this year again - to post a little bit more here in my journal and especially to write more stories again.

So let's wait and see what the new year brings, but I wish all of you the best. :)

SH2 was awesome and I can't await today's newest episode of Sherlock! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! *fangirl alarm*
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Well yes, as the title says - I have been working. ._.

My training started this month and it was quite stressful, so I really had no time to do anything at all... Or the energy; I was always totally tired after work. xD

But I hope that now I will be able to find some kind of rhythm and to do some things at least. ;(

I got a new "toy", but had no time to play with it yet. As soon as I am able to I will post something about it. ;)

Btw, saw the trailer for Sherlock Holmes 2 - it was AWESOME! Can't wait for the movie! ^_^
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