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The beta of WoW's next expansion finally started today and you get three guesses to say who got an invite!


Correct, ME! :D

Downloading the stupid beta client right now - 1.5 hours and got 35%. :/

Even though I got my invite, I am not able to play. Damn. ._.

Do not think that it will finish today (at least not at an reasonable hour), so I will start tomorrow. Can't wait to play my own female panda! ^_^
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My guild finally got United Nations yesterday, so now we can get the beautiful Dark Phoenix Hatchling! *huggle*
Oh and it was my guildleader's birthday yesterday, so it was quite the gift for him. :)

Happy Birthday, you old fossil!

Now I still need to get the other one... Bah, I hate farming... -_-
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I had no real time to play WoW for the last three months as I was working on a Christmas roleplay event for my guild, so I did not have the equipment for the LFR (Looking for Raid or as my guildmates say "Trottelraid" = idiot's raid) until yesterday.

Some of my guildmates were going and they decided I should accompay them. When I told them that my iLvl wasn't high enough yet, they immediatly asked what stuff I had where, gave me stuff from the raidbank (I am not raiding with my guild anymore as I do not have any time) to put into my bags and one even bought me two things with his valor points (because he has the max with several chars and does not really need them anymore) which were tradeable.

So in the end I had an iLvl of 372, exactly what I needed for the LFR.

And it was awesome to finally be able to raid again, even though it really is an idiot's raid - nothing compared to real raids. But most importantly I saw the new raid (which looks awesome!) and I really hope Blizzard is going to add all new raids to this so I will be able to see all future raids.
(Oh and I got two new pieces of equipment ^^)

Now I am going to visit the LFR every weekend with my main and I am already planning to equip my mage, so she can visit it, too! :)


Another little note - after 244 casts I got the new minipet (with my main; a twink already got it while doing the monthly fishing quest with only 5 casts <-<) from fishing at the Darkmoon Island, the very cute Sea Pony!

Now I've got 166 pets with my main. ^_^
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There are two pictures which can easily describe why I just sold my soul and this month is going to be my time in Hell.

MiniWriMo @ Watson's Woes


I am sooooooo dead....
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Beware of total craziness. XD

I play WoW (World of Warcraft) which is an online roleplaying game and I really love it. I create pictures and videos with the graphics.

And now I got a crazy idea:
I like to create Sherlock Holmes pictures, too, but I got trouble with the pictures from the shows/movies.
Buuuut it is very simple to use the characters from WoW for pictures, because you can move them as you like.

So what is 1 + 1?

Click the link to see. XD

I am crazy ^^ )
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After the changes to pets and the two engineering specific recipes I finally got them!
I just finished today and made my two little cute companions. :)

Lil Smoky Pet Bombling

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I got my Giant Sewer Rat, too! :D

Finally after 1.177 casts I got it! ^.^

Now I've got 88 pets with my hunter. :)

Giant Sewer Rat

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Finally Blizzard sent out Murkimus the Gladiator!

You could get the pet when you finished 200 matches in the Arena Tournament 2009 (you had to pay 15 Euro for the tournament... <.<) and it was one hell of work. ;(

I was sooo glad when we finished our 200 matches and now finally after two months or something like that we get our pet. It's just cute! ^^

Sadly Murkimus doesn't dance like Lurky...

Murkimus the Gladiator


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